Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two new from Young Galaxy

One of the best record last year was "Shapeshifting" by Young Galaxy and we just got the news that they are here with two new tracks before the release of their forthcoming album. You can get your own limited edition 7" vinyl from Paper Bag Records online store. There are only 300 copies made, so you better hurry.

These two new tracks are recorded live off the floor in the studio and are the first tracks to be recorded with their two new members Andrea Silver and Matthew Shapiro. So the sound is a bit more "rough" than we got used to from "Shapeshifting". The smooth sound from that record was produced by our Swedish maestro Dan Lissvik.

We can also announce that Mr. Lissvik is going to produce the upcoming record as well, oh happy days! We can also tell that Young Galaxy and Lissvik are in Sweden right now as I write this, producing the new album. "Shapeshifting" won the Polar Music Prize and I just hope they will make an even better album!


Olivia said...

Ah this is exciting. There's been some great stuff coming out this year. It's always hard though when a band releases some teaser tracks like this because you don't know how long it could take them to release the actual EP or LP.