Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midsummer round-up

As you maybe know, we Swedes celebrate Midsummer this weekend. It's one of our classic festivals that is the second most celebrated holiday except Christmas. The biggest celebration party was yesterday, that means that most Swedes today are pretty tired and pretty hungover. Sweden as a country is not that fast today, so if any other country would like to invade us, I think this day could be the one to choose.

The tradition is clear and simple, it occurs round the summer solstice and we drink "Brännvin" (a kind of akvavit or flavoured vodka), eat "inlagd sill" (pickled herring) and of course dance around the "Midsommarstång" (maypole) singing old classic songs that goes a bit like this:

Nothing strange with this I would say. I must also add that the party that I was at, was a lot more intense than this clip.

Due to intenseness from yesterday I just wanted to gather some new and kind of new music that we like right now. A kind of Midsummer roundup from tired Tracasseur. Happy Midsummer!


jentindal said...

Awesome music choices! Glad to see Passion Pit's new song make your list! Have you seen their new video to "Take a Walk?" Mr. Angelakos and his crew are doing big things this time around!