Monday, August 17, 2009

Before Daft Punk there was....

Before Daft Punk took the house scene to Paris in the middle of the 90's there was a band called Motorbass...

If you never heard of them before let me just say: Philippe Zdar and Etienne De Crécy. These two Parisians released 2 EP's in 1993 and one of the best electronic albums ever: PANSOUL in 1996.
After their album Philippe Zdar moved on with the successful "Cassius" alongside his colleague Boombass. Etienne De Crécy continued with "Superdiscount" and last year he started his mighty spectacular live show with 3-D cubes on stage.

I strongly suggest you buy their unique and only album here , cause you will never get tired of this timeless piece.

Here are some of my favourites on the album: