Friday, August 28, 2009

Lifelike in Sweden

This weekend Stockholm is having a distinguished guest from Paris in town. Lifelike is paying the capital of Sweden a little visit. He's going to do a gig at the two-day festival Popaganda. He's playing at this afterparty at Debaser Medis on Saturday. And as we are proud to have this guy in town we would like to give you guys some great remixes, where one is brand new!

Baxter - Proof (Lifelike Remix)

Rossell feat. Emma - Dancing With Strangers (Lifelike Remix)

Moby - Mistakes (Lifelike Remix)

Nylon - When You Love Someone (Lifelike Remix)

Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Lifelike Remix)

Erol Alkan - Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike Goes To Disco Remix)

Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore (Lifelike Remix)

Demon - Don't Make Me Cry (Lifelike Remix)

Fleetwood Mac - Never Forget (Cut Copy Lifelike Remix)

So if you are in Stockholm you should get your ass over to Popaganda. Besides Lifelike other great acts like MGMT, Miike Snow, The Teenagers and Steve Aoki are going to be there.


Anonymous said...

jesus this is all nightmagnets post.. crapp..

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Some tunes from Nightmagnet, but with extra spice. If you check our older posts with Lifelike you can clearly see that we already posted some of his greatest tunes. The ones that Nightmagnet posted are also some of the greatest, therefore several of the same tunes was posted by us this time. It's the blogosphere, sometimes you are the first sometimes you're not...

tobias said...

nightmagnets sucks hairy balls

Dave said...

One mix also cribbed and not referenced from my blog. Cool.

Anonymous said...

who cares who posts what...nightmagnets or blogs number in the millions its not 2005 anymore retard (in regards to the first comment)

TRON said...

Thanks for having proper MP3 filenames. Makes downloading off your blog great.

bathmate said...

wow this is outstanding comment for posting, thank you.