Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Hot as fire. Sweet like candy. Mellow like the calm sea but yet wild as an untamed beast. The xx gives you one of the best albums this year has to witness. It's their debut, but what a debut! The hype on the blogs in the world is not undeserved. Also keep in mind that the album not is released in the US yet...

The xx consists of four youngsters from London that are still teenagers. It makes their debut even more impressive. Because the sound is mature, steady and very very musical. Fantastic melodies and guitar harmonies. Combine this with the great combination of a female and a male singer. They work amazingly together with their voices and take the songs into perfection. This is a band that you can't miss for anything in the world. Even NME predicted their greatness when they placed The xx as number 6 in "The Future 50" list of 2009.

Here are two of the best songs from the album according to me even if all the songs on the album are great. Nice beat leads the songs forward accompanied with perfect harmonies. Pay attention to "Heart Skipped A Beat" about 3.03 into the song when it grows even further. It's easy to fall in love!

The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

The xx - Islands

I also want to share another tune from the album but in this case the drum edit by Them Jeans is actually better than the original. Once again according to me, you decide for yourself. Anyhow if you live in the US you can preorder the album here, otherwise download it here.

The xx - Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit)

The xx - Shelter


Gigi "Candy" Lee said...

So far I'm really feeling the remix, it's still really calm and cool, which is an understatement but the best description I have :P

Lizzy said...

Thank you so much for posting this.

You're absolutely right, the xx is pretty darn awesome! I will be ordering the album :)