Monday, August 17, 2009

FM Attack release of "Dreamatic"

Yes, it's out there now! Go get it right away! FM Attack have just released a nine-track album named "Dreamatic" on Tonite Records. So what are you waiting for? Buy it right away at Juno Download or iTunes.

And for you who haven't heard of FM Attack yet, here is a quick review. I stumbled upon him in early April and I was hooked right away with the great nu italo/nu disco sound. Him, is a guy from Vancouver, Canada named Shawn Ward. That he named his album "Dreamatic" wasn't really no surprise because it describes the music in a proper way. The music is full of amazing 80's harmonies and synth melodies in the best italo style. So now that you know a little about FM Attack, dream your way to where you can pick up the album.

FM Attack - Sleepless Nights

FM Attack - Disco Attack

FM Attack - Take Me Away


Sasha said...

awesome post! Take me away is so good :)

Anonymous said...

Long time No see!!!
Talentoso mi Shawn...
Pretty good Album...
Luis Conde