Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gold In The Fire

A while ago I posted the Monarchy's original track "Gold In The Fire" in a post with great music that was right to me for the moment. Now two remixes has popped up for "Gold In The Fire" and they are bloody awesome too.

Monarchy are based in the most monarchy country of them all; the UK, so the name suits them well. Even if it's early to say after just one song, that for a fact is a demo, these two guys could be kings. On their MySpace there is one more self produced track named "Black, The Colour Of My Heart" that not is as strong as "Gold In The Fire" but still a fine tune. There are also a few remixes that are quite nice too.

Until the next track or maybe an EP is on the way we'll have to be satisfied with these great remixes where my favourite is the Def Starr remix while my colleague Arnie prefers the Diamond Cut remix. Of course the original track must be reposted!

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Def Starr Remix)

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Diamond Cut Remix)


Sebastian/Arnie B said...

Actually, the Def Starr remix is growing on me... Close call!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting our remix :) Diamond Cut remix is pretty amazing too!

Anonymous said...

the def starr remix is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

All of this is fantastic! <3