Monday, November 23, 2009

Monarchy cavalcade

I can't resist. I just have to. Can't fight the feeling any more. I must post these fine remixes even if the last post also were about Monarchy. Maybe it's against all common sense to make two posts in a row about the same group, but what the heck. These are remixes made of Monarchy on other artists so I can claim the post are about them...

NY-based Penguin Prison who started to show up in the blogosphere with the remix of Marina & the Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot" also has two own tracks out now, where "A Funny Thing" is a pretty amazing one. And my new kings of electro pop Monarchy have made the track even better...

Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing

Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)

The second remix is of, what I believe the next big blog hype to come, Fyfe Dangerfield's "She Needs Me". Great track and a great remix! First time I heard the remix I thought it was an old song from the 70's that Monarchy made into modern electro pop. I was so wrong, but I'm right that the remix is great!

Fyfe Dangerfield - She Needs Me

Fyfe Dangerfield - She Needs Me (Monarchy Remix) (Removed by request)


Unknown said...

wicked post! loves it! THANKS. also you blog is one of my favs. eggs, get crackin!

Anonymous said...

yeah, how good are Monarchy!

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