Monday, November 16, 2009

I always wanted I Always Wanted a Pony's "The Weekend"

I've been lazy writing posts lately due to a slight lack of inspiration as some of you have noticed (I'm talking to you Tyler). That's all going to change now, since despite all the good music I listen to and that get sent to us there are two tracks that really have made me fall in love with music again recently. Too bad one of the tracks hasn't been available on mp3 and the other was "stolen" by Jonny in his post yesterday; ODahl's kamp! remix. Damn you Jonny!

So it's like a blessing from above I found the mp3 of the first track in our inbox today. Well a blessing from the north rather, since it was sent from the northern Swedish town of Östersund. One of the things Östersund is famous for is quite a long row of failed bids to host the Winter Olympics, something they probably would have done very well and made them very proud. Nothing of all that matter now anyhow since they have something much better to be proud of; the electropop duo of I Always Wanted a Pony. They have yet to make a big impression on the global music scene despite supporting DatA on his gig in Stockholm last spring (which we wrote about then). That's all going to change now with one really good track - "Standing Without You" - and one of the best tracks ever made - "The Weekend".


I Always Wanted a Pony - The Weekend

I Always Wanted a Pony - Standing Without You

Expect to hear more from them soon as they're working on a bunch of new material while getting this Name the Pet remix released. Found out I got it a while ago, but that it somehow slipped under my radar. Hate when that happens, but I get happy when I find these sort of gems laying around the music library.

Name the Pet - American Boys (I Always Wanted a Pony Version) (Re-upped)


aozora said...

thx 4 the shout out mister.