Sunday, November 29, 2009

Semi-Automatic Remixes

First of all I must send a big thank you to our fellow Englishman Edwin van Cleef who made me discover this fine track. It was one of the tracks on his mix "Space Disco 3" that we posted a while ago.

The track that I'm talking about is a superb remix of a great alternative rock band also from the UK named The Boxer Rebellion. This rare remix is made of FC Kahuna, of course also from the UK. They take this semi-slow rock song to another level when adding electric beats to singer Nathan Nicholson amazing voice. Great job lads!

I also found another remix of "Semi-Automatic" made of other countrymen; Suds and Soda. And of course I give you the original track.

The Boxer Rebellion - Semi-Automatic (FC Kahuna Remix)

The Boxer Rebellion - Semi-Automatic (Suds and Soda Clash Up)

The Boxer Rebellion - Semi-Automatic

And as a fantastic bonus I will let you hear this great track from My Morning Jacket. The fine voice of Jim James reminds me a lot of Nathan Nicholson's voice and the track is fantastic!

My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 2

By the way, the picture is a painting of The Boxer Rebellion (aka The Boxer Uprising). It was a battle between Boxer fighters and the Eight-Nation Alliance 1898–1901 in China.


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