Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally! The debut album from The Golden Filter has arrived

Ok, it's not released yet, the official release of "Voluspa" on Brille Records is set to April 26, but the album has unfortunately leaked. It's a shame that almost all albums nowadays leaks before the release date, but maybe that's the hard life of internet in the 21st century.

But The Golden Filter are aware of this and have made a nice counter attack, where they say that a wise seeress could have seen the leak coming from miles away. As the counter attack they instead make "Voluspa" available to pre-order as a CD or Vinyl LP and in the same time you get the digital Mp3 versions right away along with two bonus tracks not included on the album. 20 random albums will also contain a personalized Polaroid photo, and ownership of a unique star in the sky...

That's Golden Filter generosity! That's why I love them and have longed for their debut album for a whole year, and now it's finally here. So support them and love them by pre-order the great album.

As an album I can say that "Voluspa" sounds like The Golden Filter we're used to hear, and that's of course a good thing. As I have written in several posts before, you can hear when it's The Golden Filter. The beautiful whispering voice from Penelope along with their nice disco beats, it's close to perfection. You will not be disappointed with "Voluspa", it stands up for all the expectations.

Here is the tracklist for "Voluspa" along with one new great track from the album. We want you to pre-order the album instead of downloading it.

"Voluspa" Tracklist:
1. Dance Around the Fire
2. Hide Me
3. Look Me in the Eye
4. Moonlight Fantasy
5. Solid Gold
6. The Underdogs
7. Stardust
8. Frejya's Ghost
9. Kiss Her Goodbye
10. Nerida's Gone
11. Thunderbird

We also give you a couple of remixes of tracks from the album that haven't been posted on Tracasseur before as a teaser.

The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird (Villa Remix)

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird (With Beauty Before Me, I Walk Mix)