Monday, April 19, 2010


Today I found this year's best acquaintance so far, in the Brazil duo Undog from São Paulo. They had sent over two new remixes (Guss and Electrotech Disco) to us, and I gave them a listen. Damn it was great! I had to get to their MySpace and see if they had something more with the same quality. And I found their own original stuff, and it was as smashing.

Vibrant, different, heavy, melodic and so much more. I love how they work with the beats. It's pure joy and far more daring than much of the electronic music out there. Listen especially to the remix of Electrotech Disco and their own "Lot 49".

The duo of Undog consists of Bevi and Renan. They studied together at Florianópolis, but at that time they played separately. When they moved back to São Paulo they decided to start Undog together.

When they play live they use Live and two Macs in sync and some controllers (as a Guitar Hero PS2 controller to make some noize). Bevi mixes and put the effects and Renan includes samples, drums and synths.

Since July 2009, they are residents at Bang, that is an awesome party in São Paulo. While residents there they got the chance to to play with some of the djs and producers they admire big time, such as Kris Menace, Grum, Moullinex, Xinobi, Pelussje, and a lot of other names. This Friday they're actually going to gig together with Mr. Menace again, I'm not jealous...

Last November Undog released their debut EP "Modern Electronics". The "Cold Cold Vodka" track made a lot of people hear about them, and a lot of producers started asking them to do remixes. Right now they're remixing a lot of tracks, mostly for Brazilian people but also some other remixes that will be released in the next-coming weeks. We promise to keep you posted.

Undog have also decided to re-release "Cold Cold Vodka" along with 8 or 9 remixes of it in May on Bang! Records.

Their influences they mention on their MySpace are acts like Boys Noize, Justice, Digitalism, Kraftwerk and Daft Punk. You can hear that in their music but they also tell me that they're heavily influenced by some brilliant Brazilian producers that became like family to them the last two years. Names that to me are unknown (but that I promised to check out): Zero Discokillah (ex Blood Shake), M.EFE and all the Bang crew, The 666 Order, Sexistalk and 2Horsemen.

Now it's time to give Undog a listen and then you go give them your respect.

Undog - Lot 49

Undog - Cold Cold Vodka

Undog - New Hat

Electrotech Disco - A View From Above (Undog Remix)

Guss - C.D.Dance (Undog Remix)

Metric - Grow Up And Blow Away (Undog Remix)

Mottorama - Meant To Be (Undog Remix)


Bevi said...

thank very much, man! you rock!!!

Cristie Joplin said...

Congrat's undog guys =)

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