Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Tepr

I remember going to see Yelle at the 5 Days Off in Amsterdam in 2008. She was one of the hottest French acts of 2007-08, and one of her biggest hits around that time was "À Cause Des Garçons" and the Tepr remix of the same track, which had grown to be an anthem of the tecktonic movement. At the concert, where Tepr was supporting if my memory doesn't fail me, she of course played it. Around halfway through it was mixed in with the Tepr remix which really blew up an already great concert with those flailing tecktonic arms everywhere.

We haven't heard much from either Yelle or Tepr in quite a while now. They have both been busy working on the new Yelle album, and Tepr has been working on stuff of his own with an EP on the horizon. Here's a taste of what he's been up to along with the classic "À Cause Des Garçons" remix.

Tepr - The Membrane

Yelle - À Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix)