Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tis the question

Udine duo Fare Soldi are coming out with a new EP called "Houstria" on April 30. Fare Soldi means "make money" in Italian, which might suggest that the guys are shallow hustlers. However, the guys seem as hard to pinpoint as their music, evidenced by the philosophical question "to pump or not to pump" they ask themselves on the new EP. Also on "Houstria" is "Stambulia" which is supposed to be an Austrian coffee brand hailing from Istanbul. The music is Fare Soldi's trademark playful house music with influences from all over the place (not just Italy, Austria and Turkey).

Fare Soldi - Pompa O Non Pompa

Fare Soldi - Stambulia


Carlos said...

I would like to know if someone knows about the song "tuzo - superbag" that fare soldi included in a tapemix "dancing with the monster 2". That song kick ass
thank you!!