Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Druma Kina + Montauk = Exclusive

The young label of Teenage Gang Records was so kind to offer us an exclusive full-quality mp3 of one of their forthcoming releases, Druma Kina's new EP, called "Walking Away". The exclusive track is the remix by Montauk, one of Sweden's best upcoming acts. On the release there will also be remix duties from Cavaliers of Fun, Ledhead and Cosmonaut Grechko.

And speaking of Cosmonaut Grechko, his new limited EP that will be out January 14 will actually be Teenage Gang Records' first release and the Druma Kina is the second, to be released January 21. On top of that the Druma Kina release is released as a free download, but donations are warmly welcome, so if you got the young heart, you know what to do! Both releases will be available over at Teenage Gang Records' release page (actually you can find Cosmonaut Grechko's release there already now).

Druma Kina - Walking Away (Montauk Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]


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