Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Portuguese-German house producer Moullinex has been one of my favourites since I started scouring the music blogs, and his remix of Cut Copy's was of course one of the biggest blog hits of 2007. A few days ago he released his long awaited new EP "Chocolat" on the excellent German Gomma label. "Chocolat" is a more of the recent deep, funky disco sound that his last EP "Superman" had, and what Gomma is famous for, and slightly less uptempo than his Cut Copy days of electro house. Not included on "Chocolat" is the freebee below which kinda makes you think of Shaft.

Moullinex is of course deeply connected to the D.I.S.C.O. Texas label who we want to send an extra greeting to, and not only for sending out the promo. Apparently they're still fans even though I wrongly wrote that Volta Cab had been released there. The reason for that? Someone at Tracasseur thought that the Clarissa cover "looks like a Discotexas cover". But apart from the poor fact check from our part it's a great idea...

Moullinex - Love it Is, Then

Pick up "Chocolat" from Beatport!

Moullinex - Chocolat by Moullinex

Moullinex - Meow by Moullinex

Moullinex - Catalina by Moullinex

Moullinex - Tear Club by Moullinex


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