Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Not a Band - What We Do

I'm Not A Band released a new single today. It's called "What We Do", and what it is we do is liking music. After getting used to the syncopation, which to me sounded awkward at first, I really like this particular piece of music too. The producer Stephan Jung is not someone who just burps up stuff from a set formula. That, and the lovely voice of singer Kassandra, is why we like this duo so much. Of four strong remixes by Whitenoise, rampue, DeltaScuTi and Tits & Clits, I like the latter two the most.

I'm Not a Band - What We Do (Radio Edit)

I'm Not a Band - What We Do (WhiteNoise Remix)

I'm Not a Band - What We Do (rampue Remix)

I'm Not a Band - What We Do (DeltaScuTi Remix)

I'm Not a Band - What We Do (Tits&Clits Remix) by I'm not a Band


Unknown said...

check out this band: myspace.com/lodymusic

Anonymous said...

little correction: release date is June 24th

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