Sunday, September 18, 2011

Debut album by Alpha Boy

We've written about Alpha Boy a couple of times and now it's time again when Alpha Boy releases his debut album "Electronic Feelings". If you are a huge fan of the 80s synth sound, Alpha Boy is the man for you. You can easily believe that Alpha Boy is transferred forward in time from the 80s to 2011, but that's still not possible what I reckon...

It's a solid release with a couple of tracks from before, that we also have posted earlier. But then it's a bunch of new 80s flavoured tracks. And the best thing in this story is that the whole album is for free and you can download all tracks here. We got five tracks down below from the album to give you a taste.

Alpha Boy - Glam (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Debbies Workout (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Chip Child (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Falkor (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - The Wraith 1986 (320 kbps)


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