Friday, September 30, 2011

Shelby Grey debut album

The latest release from Holographic People is a pretty special one for those involved. After working on it for two years, Shelby Grey is finally able to release his debut album "The music is on his side". Almost just as happy is his manager and label boss Sarah, who have followed the whole process closely.

This process have seen no limits or rules, just the result from a music lover with a creative mind. We often get promo texts that talk about "genre-defying" music which often is anything but, but this album is exactly that. Not only can't it be pinned down to one particular genre of nu disco, electro or any other of the usual genres we're throwing around. Every track is so well-conceived and written that it often stands with one leg in art music, which makes me think of old masters like Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London or Squarepusher. And I bet that quite a few of these tracks would sound really good performed by a symphony orchestra.

If all this sound too brainy and boring, fear not. It's actually a very pleasant journey from start to finish. The album also features collaborations with Ricco Vitalli, of Cavaliers of Fun fame, and Shelby's friends Wallace and Guzmán (Guzmán is Spanish for Grommit).

Here's the full album for streaming:

Shelby Grey - The music is on his side LP by Holographic People

I'd like to single out a few faves. When I downloaded the album, the tracks didn't line up in the right order in my player, so after the opening track "April's Legacy" I have been listening to "Chains of Love" (track 9), and there's something with the clash between these two songs I like. Both are pretty slow, but while "April's Legacy" is dark and menacing, "Chains of Love" is fluffy and romantic. The third favourite is the most uptempo one; on one hand it's as simple as I'm a sucker for pumping beats and house pianos, but the sudden adrenaline rush in between all the weaving soundscapes is really nice.

Oh, and they're giving away 100 free downloads of "April's Legacy". There were 50 left when I posted this, so hurry!

1.Shelby Grey - April's Legacy by Holographic People

9.Shelby Grey - Back to Bollebygd by Holographic People

3.Shelby Grey -Wild Youth feat. Ricco Vitali by Holographic People

Bonus #1: Check out the mix Shelby made for Mixmag:

Shelby Grey - I Wanna Be Just Like You Mix by Mixmag

Bonus #2: A coming collaboration is Hal Incandenza's remix of Shelby Grey's next single. While waiting for that, here's his great Britney Spears remix:

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Hal Incandenza Remix) (320 kbps)

By the way, if you're in Barcelona on October 15, you should go see Cavaliers of Fun and Shelby Grey on the Holographic People showcase at Razzmatazz. Here's the Facebook event.


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