Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wonderful debut album by Pallers

I love when you receive a mail telling you that one favourite act of yours is about to release an album, and not only an album, a debut album! It's named "The Sea of Memories". Pallers, that I've been listening for quite a while, although too few tracks, are about to release their first album on Labrador Records. Joy, oh joy!

And what a debut. It's such a wonderful and epic journey into the music of Pallers. This is absolute one of Sweden's best acts right now. Perfect melodies, smooth harmonies and small brilliant sounds floating on top of everything. Melancholic, joyful, happy, sad, emotional and especially absolute fantastic.

The duo of Pallers come from a small town in the South of Sweden, and a part of that town was actually named Pallers. They've known each other half their lives and travelled the whole world and have danced in all kind of clubs. But now it's time for them to make music together instead. Music genius Johan Angergård (The Legends) along with Henrik Mårtensson are the duo of Pallers. You who listens to The Legends will probably recognize the delicate voice of Johan.

The release of the album is set September 27 and until then we can give you two of the tracks from the album, both released as singles. But when September 27 sets in I strongly recommend you to buy the whole release, because this is a pearl to keep. Except awesome "Come Rain, Come Sunshine" here below I recommend "Another Heaven" and "The Kiss", but the whole album is amazing. Thank you Pallers!

Pallers - Come Rain, Come Sunshine (320 kbps)

Pallers - Humdrum (320 kbps)


Flexoklischee said...

Thats an awesome tune - like this a lot!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you give some attention to Pallers on here! Favorite blog, meet favorite artist. I've been a huge The Legends fan (and thus also a Johan fan) for years now. I remember the tease of getting the Humdrum EP in 2009 with almost no information, so finaaaallly getting this record is very exciting! Come Rain Come Sunshine is currently my favorite song to drive around to. Is it wrong that I'm also looking forward to someone remixing these great tracks?

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

A remix of that great track would be perfect! Love Pallers, and what they accomplish within their sound.