Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fabian debut album: Say Goodbye

Last night LA producer and DJ Fabian released his debut album "Say Goodbye" on Binary. He's been working on it for two years, and we've been waiting for it about just as long. The music spans from dreamwave to disco to house and shows Fabian's versatility apart from the obvious talents.

Here you can listen to the full album before buying it at iTunes:

These were my favourites after the first couple of listenings:

Fabian - Starlight Love by iamFabian

Fabian - Game Theory by iamFabian

Fabian - Think by iamFabian

Fabian - Last Flight by iamFabian

The last track, "Last Flight", is the first single off the album and was released a couple of weeks ago together with remixes from the likes of French Horn Rebellion, NightWaves, Douze, RESET! (freebie!) and Justin Faust.

Fabian - Last Flight (French Horn Rebellion Remix) by iamFabian

Fabian - Last Flight (NightWaves Remix) by iamFabian

Fabian - Last Flight (Douze Remix) by iamFabian

Fabian - Last Flight (RESET! Remix) (Free download) by iamFabian

Fabian - Last Flight (Justin Faust Remix) by iamFabian

As we reported earlier, Fabian and Justin Faust are in the middle of a North American tour with the pretty hectic last leg ahead of them: Austin (on September 7th), Toronto (8th), Nashville (9th), Springfield MO (10th) and LA (11th). You'd be mad not to go if you have the chance.

You'd also want to check out Fabian's remix of The Magician's new single (we don't want to piss anyone off by posting even a stream of that).