Friday, September 30, 2011

Britney Spears remixes Friday

So I posted that Britney Spears remix as a bonus in the last post because I know you guys have been longing for more B-rit here on Tracasseur. Which also is the reason why I declared this Friday "Britney Spears remixes Friday" when tweeting the last post.

Actually, that's half true. Being in a DJ duo with Jonny sometimes makes us quarrelling like a married couple.  One thing we argue about is whether it's ok to play Britney remixes. Me, being slightly more ironic and slightly less self-concious, love seeing hipsters dancing to a track and then freeze for a second when the lovely (?) voice of Ms Spears start streaming from the speakers.

Irony being one thing, I also truly believe that crap music is always better than no music, and that all music has a point if you just put it in the right perspective. Listening to techno and drum-n-bass in the mid 90s the music I hated the most was Eurodisco like Corona or Hadaway. After listening through all the Italo disco of the 80s, and adding the emerging techno scene of the early 90s, the music that I hated back then gets a romantic shimmer over it, and all of a sudden starts to make sense. So, hipsters beware; whatever you hate right now, you might love ten years away from now with equal parts irony and nostalgia.

Well, that was the long version. Actually, the simple reason why I write this post is to share one of my current faves; Pelifics bootleg of "Till the World Ends" that I rediscovered like a week ago.

So, with the risk of losing half our readers:

(Repost - also best last 1,5 mins ever?)

(Ren Riz' favourite)


Anonymous said...

Thought this was a post about the Britney remix of Rebecca Black. :-(

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