Thursday, October 27, 2011

CatCovers tribute to Daft Punk

Almost exactly two years ago we wrote about Barcelona's CatComplex. The first thing I heard of him was his Robin Gibb remix that was a part of Barcelona duo Buffetlibre's "Rewind" cover/remix project on 80s pop classics. Those Catalans seem to love their covers (who doesn't?), because since then Ángel CatComplex have been working hard on a cover project of his own; the CatCovers tribute to Daft Punk!

This has been long time in the making; we were on the verge of writing about it back in December of last year, but the whole release was pushed forward till now. The release is basically a re-do of Daft Punk's classic album "Discovery", and the music span from house and electro remixes to more overhauled rock covers. I've posted my favourites, but head over to the CatCovers website to download the whole release for free in a convenient RAR-file.

Bombjack - Make Love

Nighty Max - Aerodynamic

Cat Complex vs Naya - Human After All by CatCovers

Bonus (great remix and great original):

Robin Gibb - Juliet (CatComplex Remix) (320 kbps)


Loopaleep said...

This is actually pretty nice. Smooth.