Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clancy remixes

Here's a short update on everyone's favourite Clancy. He's made a couple of remixes lately. One of French electro prodigy Alec Carlsson (with a very Swedish sounding name), and one of Sweden's most hipster mainstream singers (or is it the other way around?), Robyn. I'm not using the M-word to have a go at her, on the contrary, there are few people who make so authentic music, and still appeal to such a wide audience, and that's both impressive and well deserved. Anyway, here are the tracks:

Robyn - None of Dem (Clancy Discoteca Remix) (Free download) by Clancymusic

Alec Carlsson - Royal Lives (Clancy Re-Edit) by Clancymusic

Speaking of Alec Carlsson, he's got a new EP out that you should check out:

Alec Carlsson - Alicante E.P (SC CUTS) - Gourmand Music Recordings / OUT NOW by Alec Carlsson