Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pyramid's new EP out – and we got the codes for you...

Our French fave Pyramid, released a new EP last week named "Life Above The Stars". As I always tend to write that his stuff is amazingly good, I will do it again by writing that this EP isn't any exception whatsoever. Pyramid is for me, one of the finest producers making this kind of electronic music. The 4-track EP include 4 good tracks and here is a taste of one of them.

Pyramid - Scar (320 kbps)

Because you just love this track you should head over and buy your copy here, just in order to get a bonus track, exactly you read right, then you will get 5 Pyramid tracks! Or if you just want to get hold of that amazing EP for free (only thing you have to do, if you haven't before, fan Pyramid on Facebook) email us with the subject "Pyramid is amazing, give me that code please" and you will get a link to a special place, along with a unique code.