Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exclusive: Stay Ali - Oh Tom

One of our favourite Swedish acts are Stay Ali. What's cool with them is that they are extremely talented for one thing, but also that they can't, and don't want to, be pinned down to a specific genre. This new track is an example of that. According to Bård, it's a step back towards their origins, which I guess means a step away from the electro of the Ep "Vat:Auhlau", which we wrote about here. The new track is part of an upcoming, but at this point unsigned, Ep that will be "happier" and "more naïve" than the last. I know there are a lot of label people reading us, and you guys should drop a mail to these guys.

For more Stay Ali, read our cool interview with the guys here, and keeping an eye on their Soundcloud and Facebook is probably a good idea. And if you're in Milan in April they're playing on the 20.

Stay Ali - Oh Tom (320 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]


Girlie said...

With your review about them, they seem like a sure winner.

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