Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tracasseur exclusive: Amateur

Here's an exciting new project from Jeroen of Blokgolf, Krause, Sumera and Melomanics. The name is Amateur (that name will set off the spam filters, right?). The début single is called "Virgo Intacto", and the digital release comes with remix support from RipTidE, Ike Ratio and Cosmic Force, while the two originals will also be released on a 7'' vinyl in Dutch record stores (I'll be checking at Rush Hour on Spuistraat next time I'm in Amsterdam).

The RipTidE remix is obviously there to draw some extra attention to the release, and while it's nice (just as the other remixes are), I prefer the two originals and their old-school electro/acid house vibes, and I even think the B-side slightly edges out the title track. It makes me want to dig up my old Adonis and Dopplereffekt vinyls.

"Virgo Intacto" is out March 17 on Little Globe.

Amateur - The Adding Machine (Original Mix) (192 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]