Saturday, June 9, 2012

Monsieur Adi remix of Ellie Goulding

Two of the most beloved Tracasseur artists, Monsieur Adi and Ellie Goulding, together in this amazing remix. It's the third remix Adi makes for Ellie. Superb combo!

Ellie sent over the vocals from her cover of The Weeknd to Adi for him to make this remix come alive. Thanks to Ellie we now got this huge track, that's gonna be played a lot over the world. Only in 24 hours it almost got 20.000 plays, thanks to Ellie's intense tweeting and posting on Facebook. Now when we post it will raise with at least 10.000 plays within the next 24 hours, or?! Also get that, it's free download!

Ellie's cover of The Weeknd also needed to get posted!


Loopaleep said...

So damn sexy.

Coming in Static said...

such a killer track! love it.