Monday, June 1, 2009

Filthy Dukes, yeah Sir!!

If White Lies have come up with one of the greatest rock albums this year as I mentioned in the post about White Lies a while ago. Then Filthy Dukes probably has made one of the greatest synth electro albums of 2009.

“Nonsense In The Dark” was the right thing already after the first listening. It is catchy and it makes you wanna dance. It’s a good mix of all different kind of tunes with different guest artists such as Tommy Sparks who is doing the vocals on their latest single “Messages”. Here is the official video:

Filthy Dukes – Messages

Filthy Dukes – Messages (Burns 'Terradome' Remix)

Filthy Dukes – Messages (Tronik Youth Remix)

Filthy Dukes has made a remix of White Lies song “To Lose My Life” (find it in this post) but they also have made a bunch of other remixes, here are a few of them. The freshest and best without a doubt, the remix of “Learn To Lose” by the new fine band Hockey:

Hockey – Learn To Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix)

Heloise & The Savior Faire – Illusions (Filthy Dukes Remix)

Late Of The Pier – Bathroom Gurgle (Filthy Dukes Remix)

The Rakes – 22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society Mix)

Bloc Party – One Month Off (Filthy Dukes Vocal Remix)

And of course, when a great new band with great songs shows up, the result is a lot of remixes. My favourite is from the king of remixes Fred Falke. His remix of “This Rhythm” is a nice one! Here is the original as a lovely video and the remix of king Falke:

Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm

Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm (Fred Falke Remix)

Filthy Dukes consists of three Englishmen; Olly Dixon, Tim Lawton and Mark Ralph. They started out as dj:s and still are, they still got their club “Kill Em All” at Fabric in London, where they have been playing for five years now.

Once again, “Nonsense In The Dark” is a fantastic album; you have to buy it here! You can also find it on Spotify. Here are a few favourite tracks from the album with the slow but yet so beautiful and beloved “Somewhere At Sea”.

Filthy Dukes – Poison The Ivy

Filthy Dukes – Somewhere At Sea

Filthy Dukes – Light Skips Cross Heart