Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sweden vs Denmark

Today, these two magnificent countries meet in a football game to qualify to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. But you can’t only compete in sports, you can also compete in music, some people say…

Therefore, here is the Tracasseur Qualification 2009!!

In the first half Sweden send forward the young and promising Fredrick Carlsson from Gothenburg with a great remix of a great indie hit composed by Jonathan Johansson.
The Danish people bring up one of their most famous electronic artists Trentemøller in company with Ane Trolle with her nice whispering vocals.

Jonathan Johansson – En Hand I Himlen (En Fot I Graven Remix by Fredrick Carlsson)

Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle – Moan

Hard to make a winner out of that fine battle. We have to say it’s 1-1 after the first half.

In the second half Sweden once again send forward another young and talented artist after the success for Fredrick in the first half. This time it’s up to Jacques C to make Sweden the winning country.
Denmark sends in a whole group of people from Efterklang. Will they make mincemeat of Jacques C?

Jacques C – Place de Londres

Efterklang – Swarming

Another tough battle in the second half! Both team scored again and the final score of this battle is 2-2.

So the conclusion of this match is that both Sweden and Denmark have really fine artists in the electronic music scene.