Thursday, June 25, 2009

Val Venosta

Got an e-mail in the Tracasseur inbox. Got some damn good music. Got a new fine acquaintance, Val Venosta are our new friends.

Val Venosta are two blokes from the southern parts of Sweden and with influences from Dry Martinis nothing can really go wrong. Also inspired by 80s movie soundtracks and 70s punk they got themselves a fresh electro robotic funk sound.

They have just released their new single “These Days” along with a music video. The single also consists of the b-side track "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" along with a remix by Gothenburg based techno gurus Bird Fish in Between.

Val Venosta - These Days

Val Venosta - These Days (BFB slow and low mix)

Val Venosta - The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck

But this is not their first release; they have also made an EP named “Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” with some fine tunes. Here are a few tracks and a video from that EP.

Val Venosta – Kaleidoscope

Val Venosta – Carlo in Q Minor

Val Venosta – I Think Billy Wilder Would Like This!

Val Venosta - S.R.S. part 1

Val Venosta also makes a lot of remixes; among others they have remixed Britney Spears and fellow countryman Montt Mardié.

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Val Venosta Club Remix)

Keep your eyes and ears open for more great stuff from the blokes of Val Venosta by giving them your love at their MySpace.