Friday, June 12, 2009

For mature audience only!

First time I met singer Anthony Mills from Super Viral Brothers was at a Tracasseur gig about two months ago. I checked them out on MySpace and found they have a unique sound, consisting of electro and rap. Think Soulwax with a rapper.

I saw them do their first live gig yesterday at Bruno in Stockholm and they kicked ass! Anthony Mills sings and Olle Cornéer (from Dada Life) dj and do the beats.

Below is the official video for their single debut "Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug". It's quite gory so I warn you before you see it!

Bonus remix from Swedish Staygold:

Super Viral Brothers - Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Staygold Remix)


Anonymous said...

oooo my god! this is the crazyest thing that i never seen befor! its so fucking horible but also a unique one! CRAZZZZYYYY

Nutmegslim's Tree of Life said...

Anthony Mills is not new to the scene...maybe so in Sweden but we've been hip to his genius since late 1990's. He's awesome, he's witty, he's unique to use very basic descriptors...That man has talent oozing from his armpits! Harry Belafonte's entourage hasn't been the same without his wondrous tenor. Lela James don't see the same funk without his impromtu expect more greatness is all i'm sayin' bout Anthony.