Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Digital Rhythms

1998 in New York was the first time I saw Les Rythmes Digitales and since then I've always been a fan of L.R.D as I call him. British Dj and producer Stuart Price, living in Paris, has so many aliases it's hard to keep track of them: Thin White Duke, Paper Faces, Man With Guitar, Jacques Lu Cont, Pour Homme and of course Les Rythmes Digitales. His album Darkdancer was released in 1999 under the band name Les Rythmes Digitales. He has also released a DJ-mix album, Fabric Live 09, under the name Jacques Lu Cont.

Price also released two albums with his rock band, Zoot Woman, 2001's Living in a Magazine, and 2003's Zoot Woman. Check them out, they are truly great with their typical soft and mellow 80s sound. This guy has done so much musically; produced Madonna, The Killers, Seal and Juliet... There are also so many remixes so I've decided to just post some of his old songs from his album Darkdancer.

Enjoy this "old school" electronica from 1999:

Les Rythmes Digitales - Brothers

Les Rythmes Digitales - About Funk

Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes

Les Rythmes Digitales - Hypnotise


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