Sunday, June 7, 2009

Foreign Exchange

iTunes has an exciting project where they let artists cover and translate each other. Now it was time for our Swedish electro queen Robyn and the French electro pop singer Yelle (Tepr and GrandMarnier are also a part of Yelle) to make this exchange.

Yelle did a cover of Robyn’s “Who’s That Girl” and Robyn grappled with Yelle’s “À Cause Des Garçons”. Both covers are of fine craftsmanship and they have become totally new songs. I fancy Yelle’s version of ”Who’s That Girl” a bit more, but as mentioned in the sentence before; both are great!

Yelle - Qui Est Cette Fille / Who's That Girl (Robyn Cover)

Robyn – Because Of Boys / À Cause Des Garçons (Yelle Cover)

As a fantastic fine gesture from these two amazing artists they are also a part of H&M’s “Fashion Against AIDS”. Check it out here and give your support!