Saturday, February 13, 2010

Build original!

As I wrote in the Delphic post last week, all of us at Tracasseur really loved all the Build remixes that popped up as delicious mushrooms around this time last year. Maybe we have been looking in the wrong places, but it's been really quiet from Jason Reid during the second part of last year. That's why we were so pleased to hear the new Delphic remix a couple of weeks ago.

With all great remixers you always start to wonder what their own tracks would sound like. And here is the tricky part: a good remixer doesn't always make a good song-writer. So it was with a lot of anticipation I received what, as far as I know, is Mr Build's first own track. And I have to say he impresses just as much as he did when I first heard his remixes. The production is immaculate as always, and his distinct, synth-heavy electro pop sound is intact. But what strikes me most is his great sense of harmonies and melodies. If there's anything this track lacks... No, I'll rephrase that; if there's anything that would make an already awesome track even better it would be adding some vocals, just as Bag Raiders did with "Shooting Stars".

Build - Palm Tree


Anonymous said...

no don't ruin this with vocals! I like it the way it is :P

Unknown said...

I agree, the tune is fine without the vocals.

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

yeah, don't get me wrong. i love it too. guess i'm just in a maximalistic mood..

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