Monday, February 1, 2010

Tropical Silence

The man behind Tropical Silence is Kilian Eng, who also is a member of the Swedish nu italo band DW. With Tropical Silence he gets the chance to get another image of the music comparing to DW. The inspiration comes from early ambient music and the darker disco genres.

When I asked Kilian in what genre he puts his own music I got a kind of diffuse answer:
"I've a small problem right now putting my music in a special genre. I want to be as free I can be in the creating process, but the most important ingredients should be good melodies combined with heavy, darker synths and sequencers. Another important piece is that every track should tell a story or be a part of a longer story so it becomes a kind of electronic story-telling."

I believe that Kilian has something real strong going on in this sort of new and secret project Tropical Silence. The record label Asphalt Duchess from France believes so too, because of the shown interest in signing Tropical Silence for a release during 2010. They have released such great acts such as Grizzly Bear, The Embassy och Mondkopf. So, if signed, Tropical Silence is going to be in good company.

Tropical Silence - Cerberus

Tropical Silence - In the Grass

Tropical Silence - Runner

Tropical Silence - Screenlife

The Dark Esquire - Themes (Tropical Silence Remix)

Society - Rules of Attraction (Tropical Silence Remix)