Monday, February 8, 2010

SWR001: Toomy Disco

February 22 marks the debut release of Dubai based label Space Walker Recordings. The label was set up late last year by the three friends Shawn Mac, Holic and Christian Cardwell who all have a vast amount of experience with nu-disco/indie/new wave music. They will be giving you spaced out cosmic grooves on a steady basis.

The first release is Argentinian nu disco act Toomy Disco's "Back From Cosmos". A fan of classic disco and funk he has only recently started to pursue his dream of producing music. He's so fresh in the business that he doesn't even have a MySpace page yet. The release include three original tracks remixed by Marcello Giordani, Ricky Inch and our Swedish hero ODahl.

Toomy Disco - Back From Cosmos (ODahl's Cosmic Remix)

The next release will be Swedish space disco/prog house producer Claes Rosen's "Sparkles" with remixes by Martin Virgin vs South eXpress, SPSM and Sare Havlicek.


Sam said...

yep yep! whole EP rocks!

Alkiev said...

check out toommy disco live at dead snake club party!!! :D