Saturday, February 27, 2010

diskJokke from Norway, tonight in Sweden

One from the Norwegian electronic disco crew is coming to Uppsala, Sweden tonight, his name is diskJokke. Can't really tell how you can hear that the music is made in Norway, but they have a special sound in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Could it be all the salmon they are eating from the fjords? Anyway, diskJokke makes music in the same field as Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Röyksopp. It's high quality all the way, from the production to the music of course.

He released his first full-length album "Staying In" in 2007 but have also released a bunch of EPs and 12". He has also done a lot of great remixes of great acts such as Bloc Party, Metronomy, The xx and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Today, Norway ranks as the wealthiest country in the world in monetary value and I also believe that Norway ranks as one of the wealthiest countries in making electronic disco.

diskJokke - Flott Flyt

diskJokke - Folk I Farta

diskJokke - Interpolation

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (diskJokke Remix)

Harrys Gym - Attic (diskJokke Remix)

Lykke Li - Everybody But Me (diskJokke Remix)

Metronomy - Heartbreaker (diskJokke Remix)

Ost and Kjex - Boston Food Strangler (diskJokke Remix)

The National Bank - Home (diskJokke Remix)

The xx - Basic Space (diskJokke Remix)

Tonight I got the honour to hang out with diskJokke when he is visiting Glasnost for an amazing dj-set. So if you're in the surroundings get your ass over to Glasnost for some Norwegian disco dance. Along with diskJokke two fine Swedes are also playing records at the same place; Jackpot and Hampus Drake. We wrote about Hampus a short time ago and Jackpot have made several fine releases. More about Jackpot to come but here are some tracks.

Jackpot - Brief Encounter

The Very Best - Julia (Jackpot Remix)


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Chantaal said...

I think you've singlehandedly turned me into a diskJokke fan.

NöMusic said...

Check out for more Norwegian music.

Just now; Prins Thomas self titled album: