Monday, February 8, 2010

Debut Release from Monarchy

Tracasseur faves Monarchy will be releasing their debut single "Gold in the Fire" (which we wrote about in November) on NY label Neon Gold this week. The 7" will contain the title track and "Black the Colour Of My Heart" on the B-side. That's great news for all us Monarchy fans who will buy it at Pure Groove.

Here are some more great remixes of "Gold in the Fire" by Hidden Cat, We Have Band and Flak Attack:

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Hidden Cat Remix)

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (We Have Band Remix)

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Flak Attack Remix)

And speaking of Monsieur Adi's Ellie Goulding remix a couple of posts ago, that's a favourite of mine too along with the original and the Russ Chimes remix. Monarchy and Ellie is also a match made in heaven though and "Starry Eyed" will surely be the epic remix saga of 2010.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Monarchy 'The Horse Head Nebular' Remix)


The Be Rad Blog said...

I completely missed Monarchy when they first started dropping tracks last year but I am so on to them now. I can't stop listening to everything they touch. Thanks for these and the link to vinyl.