Friday, February 5, 2010

Midnight Club, The Kiwi's & Nuage Elliott

Man, I've been so terribly lazy posting stuff since the beginning of the year. I've actually felt guilty sitting on so much great music without sharing with you, our beloved readers. I will strive to change that from now on.

I'll start with fantastic French label On the Fruit's next release which comes out in mid-February; the debut EP of Midnight Club called "The Machine". The trio, made up of Telemac, Hosta and Chwingman, may be virtually unknown to the blogosphere, even if they were on the MOTU 2 compilation of early 2009, but they are no freshmen music producers. For nearly 20 years they have been making music in different rock, electro and hip hop bands. Heavily influenced by Giorgio Moroder and 80s music and culture they even make their music on 80s synths and other hardware.

The whole EP is filled with fantastic nu italo flavoured electro with a solid remix from Worship who always deliver. I really can't post the entire EP, but it was so hard choosing which ones of all the really strong tracks to post that I only left out one track. On the other hand that's equally good as the rest, so you'll want to buy the EP anyway.

Midnight Club - The Machine

Midnight Club - The Machine (Worship Remix)

Midnight Club - Hot Space

Midnight Club - Escape Time

Midnight Club - Robotic

Franck Freak You is really doing a good job with On the Fruit (apart from making awesome music of his own). He has a keen eye for talent as the latest releases from the label testify:

The Kiwi's (sic!) "14 Years Old" was released January 30 and is a mixture of dancefloor electro and experimental electronica. I prefer the title track and the alluringly beautiful "Vovenciatra" which is a strange mixture of electro and folk music.

The Kiwi's - 14 Years Old

The Kiwi's - Vovenciatra

17-year old Nuage Elliott seems to be running a small family enterprise. The EP "56 40" was released last December and feautures his father making something resembling rapping, his little sister making some crazy choruses and his cousins Djston and Tiam Wills are also contributing. His sound is firmly rooted in 90's filter house and he reminds me of such French classics as Super Discount and Motorbass.

Nuage Eliott - 56 40

Nuage Eliott - Suajda's Tee-Shirt