Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gemini Club

Hailing from Chicago, the birth city of house music, is indie electro/dance punk trio Gemini Club. They formed as late as July last year, but have moved places since then, creating quite a buzz with their energetic music and great live shows (as evidenced by the video below).

They are currently working on remixes for as distinguished acts as The Vanish and Housse de Racket which will be out this month. They have played on-stage with other great bands, such as Tigercity, French Horn Rebellion and 2020 Soundsystem, and they have upcoming shows with Hey Champ and Database at The Empty Bottle on March 28 (oh, how I would kill to go to that) and Two Door Cinema.

Check out the live video of "Ghost", which will be included in a future release, and my two favourite tracks from their "Future Tidings" EP.

Gemini Club - Mary's Day

Gemini Club - Mirrors

To finish off, here's a half hour mixtape of Gemini Club so far.

Gemini Club - 30 Minutes Of Gemini Club