Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovers and Gamblers...

...are two guys and two girls from London and the south east area (with very cryptic names...) mixing great 80s, retro, synth and new electro music. I don't know much about these guys more than they've just released this great remix for Boston based Yes Giantess:

Look at their MySpace page here. You can also see stuff they like here.

Here is also a very cool mixtape they've done:

time out of mind - steely dan
i wanna rock you - giorgio moroder
keep me in my plane - whomadewho
the don - sisters of transistors
kilometer (aeroplane remix) - sebastien tellier
endless race - wally badarou
per sindaco - pink stallone
palazzo dei signi - fare soldi
precious little diamond - fox the fox
3,000,000 synths - chas jankel
happy station - fun fun
wrong galaxy - shit robot
the world outside (thee loving hand remix) - maserati
shades - popof
poison lips - vitalic
holdin on (moullinex remix) - justin faust
my old piano - diana ross


StefiA said...

Actually not 4 guys, but 2 guys and 2 girls - look carefully at the photos on their page - you should be able to recognise 1 of the girls as a well-known electronic artist (look at the photo of them by the wall)

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Our colleague Sir Lancelot doesn't make any difference in girls and boys, hehe. We will keep his paycheck for this week ;)