Monday, March 8, 2010

PEACE by Buffetlibre & Amnesty International

Our fine friends of Buffetlibre have another massive project on the go. Before they have had huge and splendid projects like "Rewind" (80s cover project) and "Batidora" (remix project). And now it's time for their new project together with Amnesty International named "PEACE". It was supposed to be released already by March 1, but due to bureaucratic paperwork and legal authorizations the project will be fully released April 12 instead. But these who waits for something good...

There are more than 15o artists from over 50 countries into the "PEACE" project. There are all kinds of artists involved from all the music genres there is. For us who are mostly into the electronic music we can tell you that fine acts like Tesla Boy, Jori Hulkkonen, The Hidden Cameras, The Toxic Avenger, Aeons, Sally Shapiro, Jeans Team and Don Diablo have produced brand new songs to the project.

This music atlas will be given for free to all those who, through the official "PEACE" website, make a minimum donation of € 2 in favour of the NGO Amnesty International. All benefits will go to Amnesty International to stand up for humanity and human rights. Their purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

Before the launch in about three weeks and due to the delay Buffetlibre have some free tracks to share with you and you can also stream 24 tracks from here. Every week until the official release of "PEACE" there will be 24 new tracks at the same place. We will make a new post when the official site is up.

The Toxic Avenger - NU 1553

The Requesters - Breakin Up

Ivri Lider - Mike

Plushgun - Mixtapes