Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kavinsky is back

One of my heroes within the electronic music with vibes from the 80s is back. Kavinsky aka The Zombie, with the car and with the 80s, is back with a new EP named "Nightcall" with two new tracks "Nightcall" and "Pacific Coast Highway".

And I can do nothing more than say; it sounds like Kavinsky and for that I'm happy. But still, this time he has actually developed further when using CSS lead-singer Lovefoxxx on "Nightcall". Excellent choice using female vocals and excellent choice of female singer.

Great remixers like Breakbot and MMMatthias are doing their nu-disco versions of Kavinsky. MMMatthias is by the way heading of to Australia soon for the Oz tour with Trashbags, April 9–19, with confirmed gigs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The "Nightcall" EP is set to be released March 15 of Record Makers and there is also a rumour about a full-length album coming out soon. Awesome!

Nightcall by Kavinsky

Pacific Coast Highway by Kavinsky

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix) (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (MMMatthias Remix)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix) (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix) (Removed by request)

For about one year ago I made a post about Kavinsky and his greatness. One of my absolute favourite tracks back then, and still are, was "1986". So as a bonus track, here is "1986" for you.

Kavinsky - 1986


Anonymous said...

'We kindly ask that you don't post any of the official remixes.'

Read the email :)

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

NP anon. We'll dock Jonny a week's pay.