Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Michell Phunk

Great news from our favourite Polish artist on our favourite Polish label! Michell Phunk, who we wrote about back in May, has just released a new EP on Brennessel entitled "My Electric Emotion". It contains four well-crafted electropop tracks with that special Michell Phunk feel that we fell in love with almost a year ago. On this release he has had helping hands from two other people from the excellent Brennessel netlabel; the singer from AXMusique and young producer Pandoid.

If you aren't keeping tabs on Brennessel yet, you really should. So head over there and find more excellent Central European electro!

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (feat. AXMusique)

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (Club Version)

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (Pandoid Remix)

Michell Phunk - Colourless