Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SWR002: Claes Rosen

March 15 is the release date of Space Walker Recordings' sophomore release; Swedish progressive house producer Claes Rosen's "Sparkles". Actually, prog house is a bit a narrow a label to put on Mr Rosen, maybe melodic synth house is a more accurate term. The release also includes an 80s italo-flavoured remix by Sare Havlicek, a jazzy chilled out remix by Lithuanians Martin Virgin & South eXpress and a funky French house-style remix by Russian talents SPSM.

The tracks are only available for streaming unfortunately, but label boss Shawn Mac has made it up to us by making this smooth mix that captures the spirit of the Hungary-Dubai based label. Pick the tracks up over at Beatport.

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Original Mix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Sare Havlicek 1984 Remix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Martin Virgin & South eXpress Remix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (SPSM Re-Funk)

Shawn Mac - Tracasseur Mixtape

1. SuperSonic Lovers - Zupo (Casio Social Club Remix)
2. Toomy Disco - 1976
3. Mysterious future release from SWR
4. Justin Faust - Holdin' On
5. Maethelvin - Delight (Flashworx's Vision)
6. Cassette Kids - Spin (Russ Chimes Big House Remix)
7. Mysterious not yet released remix by one of our favourite producers
8. Grafton Primary - All Stars (Aston Shuffle Remix)