Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Kisses!

Love at first listen! Brilliant pop! Dreamy! Balaeric! Catchy! Indie! Great voice!

Nobody can really not have noticed the blog hype around this new half secret act from L.A. called Kisses. Almost everyone are comparing the voice of Jesse Kivel with Swedish Jens Lekman, I can only agree with them. I also think the voice of Jesse is even better and smoother. He's brilliant accompanied by Zinzi Edmundson. Perfect match!

It's dreamy pop and you can easily place them in the same league as several Swedish pop acts from the label Service, such as above mentioned Jens Lekman, Lake Heartbeat and The Embassy.

The single "Bermuda" is from the forthcoming album "The Heart of the Nightlife" that will be released this spring. I'll wait with eager for the release, until then I'll have to be satisfied with these two tracks.

Kisses - Bermuda

Kisses - Kisses (Removed by request)