Tuesday, April 13, 2010

poka Believe EP

Greek producer poka has been one of our favourite French/filter/disco house producers for a while now. Today he releases his "Believe" EP on Gothenburg/Oakland label Club-a-club. Filled with funky disco samples and happy vibes, here's the full EP in 128 kbps. But you'll want to get the full quality version through any of the major mp3 stores. Check out poka's Soundcloud profile for more stuff to strutt to.

poka - Believe

poka - Coco de Mer

poka - Lonely Nights


Watcho said...

Choppy choppy and very happy

These guys really know how to blend and use those filters and I haven't heard any really good in a while, bring on the heat.

Nico said...

Nice to see my friend Jo made the artwork :) Not nice to see it took his time and so he couldn't make the C-mixtape for my blog :p

Unknown said...

Really GREAT!