Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anoraak's "Try Me" out today

Beloved Anoraak, who has given us classics like "Nightdrive With You" and "Waiting For Your Phonecall", released the single "Try Me" today. It will be featured on hos full-length album "Wherever the Sun Sets" that are to be released September 21, it was said to be released August 30 before, so keep your eyes open at the end of the month...

Already in June he released the first track "Above Your Head" that will be on the album for free (get it here). This track is the b-side on this single, but "Try Me" is the new track and it comes with a bunch of good remixes by We Have Band, RAC, Michael Cassette and Myd.

Pre-listen the whole "Try Me" down below and buy the whole release over at iTunes.

Try me by anoraak