Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ODahl releases debut EP tomorrow

Good news are coming your way. The good friend of ours, ODahl are about to release his debut EP tomorrow on Velcro City Records. Followers of Tracasseur know this Swede quite well now with our regular posts about him, it was only a few days ago we posted his new fine remix of kamp!.

But now it's time for more of himself, he's done a lot of own material before but he's got most recognition of his many and great remixes of acts such as Tesla Boy, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, Toomy Disco, Luther Vandross and above mentioned kamp!.

In late March we got a couple of previews from ODahl on his new tracks that would be on the EP. Already back then you could sense that this was to be a fine debut EP for ODahl. Nice track "Dance Mama" sounds almost the same as back then and we loved "Hello Hello" in its original version, now star producer Diamond Cut has remixed it. What a debut!

Get your copy exclusive over at Beatport and be fans of great guy ODahl here.

ODahl - Dance Mama (Radio Edit)

ODahl - Hello Hello (Diamond Cut Remix)


Ren said...

great stuff!